Kenneth Grigg

Solo Repertoire

Albeniz: From Iberia: Evocation; El Puerto; Triana
Bach: Capriccio sopra la lontananza del suo fratello
   dilettissimo; Fantasy and Fugue in A minor
   (BWV 904); Overture in the French Manner;
   Prelude and Fugue in C-sharp
   major (WTC, I); Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue
Barber: Nocturne; Sonata
Bartok: Sonata; Four Dirges
Beethoven: Sonatas in C-sharp minor (Op. 27, no.    2), C major (Op. 2/3), F minor (Op. 57), E-flat    major (Op. 81a), A major (Op. 101)
Brahms: Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Handel;
   Opus 119; Variations on a Theme of Schumann
Byrd: Pavan and Galliard in D minor (from the    Fitzwilliam Virginal Book)
Chopin: Ballades in A-flat major and F minor;
   Barcarolle; Etudes in A-flat major (op. post.), D-flat
   major (Op. 25/8), and G-sharp minor (Op.25/6);
   Impromptu in F-sharp major; Nocturne in B major,
   Opus 62, no.1; Sonata in B minor; Scherzo in E    major
Corea: Children's Songs (selected)
Debussy: Etudes (complete); Images, Book 1; Suite
Dukas: La plainte, au loin, du faune...
Gershwin: Songs (selected and arranged by    Kenneth Grigg)
Griffes: Roman Sketches; Sonata; Three Pieces    (posthumous)
Haydn: Sonata in B minor
Liszt: Canzonetta del Salvator Rosa, Les jeux d’eaux
   a la Villa d’Este, Sposalizio, Feux follet, Harmonies    du soir, La campanella
McLaren: Leithscèal
Mendelssohn: Venetianisches Gondellieder;    Variations sèrieuses
Michaelides: Four Nocturnes (Scenes from an    Enchanted Forest)
Mozart: Sonatas in D major (K.576), A minor
   (K.310); D major (K. 311); Fantasy in D minor;            Variations on ‘Come  un’agnello’
Nielsen: Chaconne
Pick-Mangiagalli: Deux Lunaires
Poulenc: Napoli
Prokofiev: Sonata no. 6; Prelude (Harp); Scherzo    (Op. 12, no. 10)
Rachmaninov: Elegie; Etudes-tableaux (Op. 33,  
   no. 3;    Op. 39, nos. 8 and 9)
Ravel: Gaspard de la Nuit; Sonatine
Rovsing-Olsen: Hommage a Chopin
Scarlatti: Sonata in F minor (K. 481); Sonata in
   B-flat major (K. 551)
Scriabin: Sonatas no. 4 and no. 5; Prelude and
   Nocturne for the left hand alone; Vers la flamme;    Etudes: Opus 8, 9–12, Opus 42, no. 5
Thomson: Etudes: Parallel Chords (Tango), Tenor    Leid, Guitar and Mandolin, Fingered Fifths,    Ragtime Bass
Traditional, arr. Kenneth Grigg: Five Folk Songs from
   Nova Scotia; Three Songs from the British Isles;    Carols (selected)
Villa-Lobos: Alma Brasileira (Choros no. 5)


Duo Repertoire

   Bach: Sonatas in A major, B minor, G minor, E
      minor, E-flat major
   Dutilleux: Sonatine
   Feld: Sonata
   Gieseking: Sonatine; Variations on a Theme of       Edvard Grieg
   Gnattali: Sonatina in D major
   Guarnieri: Sonatina
   Handel: Sonatas in C major, G major, B minor,       F major
   Hindemith: Sonata
   Ibert: Concerto (piano reduction)
   Jolivet: Chant de Linos
   Milhaud: Sonatine
   Mower: Sonata Latino; Sonata no. 3
   Poulenc: Sonata
   Prokofiev: Sonata
   Roussel: Joueurs de flute
   Sancan: Sonatine
   Schubert: Introduction and Variations
   Vine: Sonata

   Beethoven: "Spring", "Kreutzer" Sonatas
   Brahms: Sonatas in A major, D minor
   Mozart: Variations on “Helas, j’ai perdu mon
      amant”; Sonatas in B-flat major (K.454), E-flat
      major (K.481), G major (K.358)
   Prokofiev: Sonatas; Five Melodies
   Ravel: Sonata; Sonata posthume

   Brahms: Sonatas
   Britten: Lacrymae
   Hindemith: Sonata Op. 11/3
   Vaughan Williams: Six Studies in English Folk-song

   Bach: Gamba Sonata in G major
   Beethoven: Sonatas in F major, G minor, A major;
      Variations on “Bei Mannern”
   Britten: Sonata
   Brahms: Sonata in E minor
   Chopin: Introduction and Polonaise
   Hindemith: Phantaisiestuck
   Tschaikovsky: “Rococo” Variations (piano
   Vaughan Williams: Six Studies in English Folk-song

   Brahms: Sonatas
   Gabaye: Sonatine
   Lutoslawski: Dance Preludes
   Milhaud: Duo Concertant
   Poulenc: Sonata
   Weber: Grand Duo Concertant
   Vaughan Williams: Six Studies in English Folk-song

   Hindemith: Sonata
   Sancan: Sonatine

   Beethoven: F major Sonata
   Hindemith: Sonata
   Schumann: Adagio and Allegro

   Enescu: Legende
   Hindemith: Sonata
   Kennan: Sonata
   Peeters: Sonata
   Stevens: Sonata
   Turrin: Caprice

   Hindemith: Sonata
   Sulek: Vox Gabrieli

Alto saxophone
   Creston: Sonata
   Denisov: Sonate
   Hindemith: Sonata
   Ibert: Concertino da Camera (piano reduction)
   Lennon: Distances Within Me
   Maurice: Tableaux de Provence
   Milhaud: Scaramouche
   Swerts: Klonos

   Mozart: Concerto for Flute and Harp (piano

Kenneth Grigg: Recently Performed Repertoire

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