Kenneth Grigg

Kenneth Grigg: Comments from Colleagues

“Hearing you play Chopin transported me instantly to Valdemosa, and the house where he once stayed, and the entire landscape.”

—Jetti Schmerz (seamstress and costume designer at the Wiener Staatsoper in the 1920s and 30s)


“Mr. Grigg’s tremendous sensibility and exactitude of nuance-- particularly in repertoire for voice and piano-- is to be treasured.”
—Phyllis Curtin (soprano who created the role of Susannah; professor of voice at Boston University and Tanglewood)
�When I was a student of Ravel I spent many afternoons in Paris with him� Your Ravel recital was everything that he told me he wanted in his music.�

—Leo Arnaud (jazz trombonist, arranger, conductor, and composer of �Bugler�s Dream�, used as the fanfare for the Olympic Games)


�The most outstanding student I have ever been privileged to teach has given me a greater gift than I could have imagined.�
—Marguerite Smith (teacher of first grade and special education, North Carolina)
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